Thank Klopps for That!

I finished Master League season one late last night, in all honesty it was a chore at times, which is what we all want from those early seasons on a new ML, to struggle, to have to fight, scrap and claw our way up towards promotion, so the fact that my Milton Keynes FC team finished a lowly 19th is mildly satisfying, however, season one was also spattered with grumblings about PES 2016’s long term viability, as slight surface cracks in the pristine paintwork started to appear.

Make no bones, PES 16 is a superb game, the best PES for some time and surprisingly the best ML mode for a number of years with plenty to do, find out about and to keep you interested and engaged between matches, this fact isn’t in question, but a few things are threatening to bubble, enough to make me worry about whether  PES 16 will last all year and dozens of ML seasons, or whether within a few seasons, it will be too much and all come crashing down.

I will summarise the worries I have bullet point style below for ease of explanation:-

  • Unbalanced Difficulty Levels
    Professional level was a good starting point but scoreline were ridiculous, and wasn’t maintainable, and also a little easy
    Top Player still has too many instances of high scoring games, with 4-4’s, 5-1’s, 5-0’s, 5-3’s, those kind of scoreline being all too regular and unrealistic
    Superstar, usually reserved for many ML seasons in when trophies are common and an extra challenge layer is needed, I found myself playing on SS level just half way through season one, which is unheard of. SS level tends to keep the scoreline more respectable and realistic with less high scoring matches but is ultimate impossible due to the fact that every single CPU shot on goal, is a goal, partly down to the keepers which I will get to.
  • Goalkeepers
    My GK is currently rated 61 OVR, so not great, but every single shot by the CPU, that is just outside or inside the area, is a goal, every time, one on one’s, low shots, high shots, my GK is seemingly unable to save anything thats straight at home or a foot to either side of him, whether this will improve as i get a better keeper is unknown but even a lesser skilled keeper should be saving 100 times more of the efforts than he currently does.
  • Scripting
    Has been in PES for ever since we can remember, we all know that, but there seems to be some super powered trigger that says when I go 2 goals up in a game, 2-0 specifically, the CPU will then be guaranteed to get 2 or more goals back no matter what happens. I have lost so many games in the second half from being 2-0 up and coasting that its untrue.
  • Night Matches
    Every single match is night time, or overcast and rain, which looks ,like a night match, I had 3 day time sunny matches all season, its so annoying and unrealistic.
  • Match Scheduling
    Why cant Konami follow the normal schedule of home-away-home-away-home-away, every now and then have a run of 2 away games, or a run of 2 home games?? But PES 16 is all over the place, home-away-away-away-away-home-away-away-awaay-home-home-home …….. why !?!!!?

These are my main worries for now, however saying that, my fist-pumping moments, and shrieks of joy whilst playing PES have outnumbered my frustrated head shakes, so thats a good sign.


Switching focus to my actual ML campaign now, my standout players of the season have been Hervey, who bagged 17 goals, Castledaine, who is my level 1 superstar, and is developing at an alarming rate, Nillendner, promoted from the youths, and Soric, a trusty wing back. Arcas is a great player but isn’t as influential on matches as some of the other players.

I have a new Winger and a new 69OBR rated GK coming in pre-season, where I shall sell on 2 or 3 more fringe players and bolster the main positions, next season shall be played with a threadbare squad, signing players of any quality in the early days is very difficult in this PES. As it should be.
Another annoying factor was that despite my squalid league form, I had a decent cup run, winning the first 3 round matches and going out in the 4th round, to a late goal from Spurs, along the way I beat West Ham, Liverpool, and Norwich, yet all these games were played at neutral grounds and didn’t bring me any gate receipts whatsoever.
The fact you only get gate money for home games and all Cup matches are effectively away, means a good cup run still doesn’t bring you any money, completely opposite from real life.

I hope the grumbles ease off as seasons develop, life in the premier league, with better players may bring a more balanced game, I have started to tinker with settings, adjusting the dynamic cam to max zoomed out ratio, and have also switched the shooting to Advanced to give me more control, and game speed is now -1, as on Superstar the matches often felt like a full on whizzy overwhelming goal fest.

But as first seasons go, I’ve had players developing through training, players out injured, difficulty signing players, detailed stats, Free Kicks in shooting range, and very good solid game play… pretty much everything we could have asked for prior to PES 16’s release.

To finish off i show case a handful of goals from various ML matches throughout season one.

Season Well and Bake …..

A lot to muse over here as I reach the climax of my first Master League season on PES 2016. To briefly set the tone though, it has been a mixed ride, but heavily weighted on the thoroughly enjoyable side, with a few caveats, which i will mention throughout this post.

Firstly, the Master League Mode itself. Superb. The best, most engaging and deepest ML since 2010/11. Really like some of the ideas Konami have tried to put forward with the player specific roles, Team Spirit, revised transfers, development etc.
The default players are much better than their counterparts of the 2010/11 era but it doesn’t make the matches any easier as a result, which leads me on to my next worry.
Difficult level balancing, this seems skewed in PES 16. Typically, I’d play a new ML starting on Professional level, as the early days are (meant) to be a grind with the mediocre default players, so promotion within 3-5 seasons is usually typical, then move up to Top Player for the majority of the ML journey, only venturing on to Superstar if trebles, doubles and trophies are a regular occurrence. However PES 16 ditches that model, I’m already playing on Superstar level with 8 matches left of the first season, this isn’t because Pro and Top Player are too easy per se, but every match was ending with ridiculous scorelines, 6-0,4-0,5-1,4-4,5-4,7-3 ….it’s unrealistic and skewed the ML experience.

This could be down to several factors, the relatively poor keepers from inside the box, the god script that seems to kick in anytime you go 2 goals up that causes the COM to score at will, whatever it is, its unwelcome, Superstar feels a lot more refined, much more realistic scoreline and a better balance to play, lets just hope the difficulty scales up over time and Superstar doesn’t become too easy after a few seasons.

A few other gripes are that a majority of the matches, in the English leagues, are night matches, this is ok but its a bit overcooked, id have liked to see more daytime matches between Aug-Oct, then again between Mar-May, commentary whilst some passionate delivery from Drury, and better than previous years, is often inaccurate and repetitive, if I hear ‘They know they’ve got away with one’ or ‘He would score more times than not’ one more time it will be too many !!

There’s also the random issue of kits not always showing up on pre-match/kit selection screens, and as i didn’t bother t change every teams base colours before applying the kits, this is sometimes a hit and miss affair when blindly selecting kits.

Overall, relatively minor niggles in an altogether, so far thoroughly enjoyable PES 16 and Master League.

Standout players so far for me are Niellendner, promoted from the youths, Siegenkude (also a youth promotee), Schipper, Souhrane, Hervey and Coutinho. All perfectly capable default players. Castledaine (shown int he team of the month below) often flatters to deceive.
Ironically I signed Vetokele from Charlton, a player whom I had in PES 2015 who was a beast for me, but so far this time round he’s done nothing, and is often 3rd choice forward.
Priorities are to sign a new keeper, with my current GK being only 60 OVR, and to bolster key positions, providing some depth, as I sold a few fringe players to free up around 1.6m to spend on new players, signing players is hard in this edition, a welcome departure from the guaranteed smiley faces of last year.

I am on course to finish in the bottom 8 teams of the Championship, after leaking a bucketload of goals, 79 so far, but with one of the highest scoring records in the division, largely due to the skewed difficulties and goal fests pre-superstar.


Another nice little touch within Master League was the introduction, and notification of testimonial matches, as shown below


To finish off, heres a selection of goals from various ML matches this season:

  1. A slamming finish from Siegenkude, a youth promote
  2. A great 94th min equaliser from Nillendner to earn a point
  3. Schipper slotting home tidy goal after a great take, adjusting his body to pick up the loose ball
  4. Today finish from a cleared corner from defender, Soric
  5. Great solo goal from Vrany

Take Me To Your Master ….. League

PES 2016 has been out for 4 days now, 5 if you pre-ordered and got the game Thursday.
My first impressions post covered the initial feelings upon playing PES 2016, which was a very positive, and welcome feeling, and I’m pleased to report that 4 more days of solid PES 16 sessions have seen the game just get better and better.

Firstly, Game play is superb, its fluid, free flowing and the ball feels properly loose, which lends itself to being realistic of course, but also opens up lots of new passages of play that would have been previously impossible without the added animations and new sense of freedom on the pitch.

Game play aside, the mode of note for me, well the only mode worth playing, is the famous Master League (ML) mode.
Take your team of unknown no hopers, wheel and deal, train them, and perform on the pitch to turn your side into a world class trophy grabbing club, a mode that should be able to last you all year, only in recent years, it hasn’t, such has been the shallow empty shell of nothingness that Konami served up for their flagship mode.

This year is vastly different, ML has undergone a huge overhaul, not just a lick of paint on the menu’s but a proper re-thinking, there are new ideas imposed such as players within your squad taking on new specific roles, such as Youth Protège or Superstar, which directly affect other plays morale and performance in big games or derbies ) providing you have set your clubs rival teams), and can also affect merchandise sales and draw bigger crowds, more money in the bank, which helps sign better players, which equals more chance of success….

Transfers have also changed, with the comical smiley faces gone, and the % chance of signing now being affected not only by how much money you offer but also club ranking, how appealing your clubs style of play is to that player, and of course the deal being offered.
You can now also renegotiate with any of your players and offer them new contracts at any given time, which should help those infuriating moments of losing players on a Bosman to rival clubs.

The whole look and feel of ML is intuitive with sleek menus, all context driven and a hub showing whats going on in your ML world, with player and manager comments, transfer news, league table statuses, and upcoming fixtures.
There is a lot more here to discover also, such as the newly re-introduced detailed player/team stats which gives a weekly/monthly/season breakdown of all key areas of play and helps analyse the style which works best for your team or where you are going wrong. This was completely unexpected but exactly the proper kind of feature Konami need to keep and look to introduce more of, rather than magical boots or smiley faces.

So after editing the English Championship and Premier League to have correct team names, stadium names, and correct real world home.away/goalkeeper kits, rival teams and manager pics, it was time to start a new ML campaign.
My Fictional Milton keynes Team replaced the MK Dons in the championship along with custom kits and ground.
Play Settings:

Difficulty: Professional
Pass Assist: Level 1
Match Time: 10 mins
Camera: Default Dynamic
Game Speed: 0 (default)
Squad Selection: Konami Defaults

Don’t be fooled by professional level, i have taken several beatings and drew games I was leading 3-0 so far, there CPU can be ruthless and Team Spirit certainly plays a big part in how your players develop and perform.

I’m 10 games in to my first PES 2016 ML season, and so far have won 3, drawn 2 and lost 5, sat in 14th place in the Championship. Below is a goal against Middlesborough, and next time up I’ll look at some of the Key figures in the squad so far.

PES 2016 First Impressions


The obligatory thumb shot. Me gripping PES 2016 a day before release thanks to the excellent service from
Im going to jump straight in here, balls deep, no airs and graces, PES 2016 is superb.

Obviously its early days but barring any major disaster surfacing within the game (except fouls… come back to that later), this could quite possibly be the best PES, in fact the best footy game, ever made.
In recent years I have been disappointed, angry, frustrated when loading up a new PES game and playing that magical first match, PES 2014 was quite honestly abysmal, PES 2015, much better but lacked any longevity, but PES 2016, even in those few early matches, showed why its been receiving such glowing praise.

It felt like PES. As weird as that sounds, it felt right, its s,sooth, silky, flowing, fluid, fun, challenging, all the things you want when you’ve parted with your hard earned cash, I don’t feel conned here, this is a decent package and then some.
My first game was Arsenal vs NAC Breda, don’t know why, just felt like playing a random game, I had to check it was Arsenal due to the orange kit (WTF?), and not Blackpool. The game played beautifully, passing crisp and precise, shooting solid, dependable, dribbling silky and efficient, the improvement in number of animations and added features really lifts the game to a new level, particularly the collision system, jostling for in air balls and carefully using R2 to shuffle position and win the ball adds a whole new element to the game.
As does the improved responsiveness, players now know where the ball is and are alert to it, no more zombies wandering around looking lost, this leads to some scrappy and also some beautiful midfield play.

I have my home / away its all edited up and ready to load in, in anticipation of starting a Master League.
Kit designs below:

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 09.02.32

Player individuality has taken a nose dive in recent years, a feature that PES was famous for, but playing PES 2016, I really felt like i could connect with certain players and it was evident when controlling fast players, or players with good dribbling skills, they instantly felt different.
Another reworked feature is the improved AI, i was constantly amazed by the intricate off the ball movement of your team mates in the attacking third, overlaps, runs off the ball, dropping short, pointing to a pass…. it will be very interesting to see how this carries over to a ML where players may have not gelled together yet or when utilising different player roles.

I only managed 4 games as it was gone midnight by time i got to play the game, but already cant wait to get back and play more, a feeling I haven’t felt since the PES 2012 days.
Below are a couple of clips from my debut game, my first ever PES 2016 goal, nicely taken by Alexis Sanchez, and second a clip of some nice wing play, a whipped in early cross after Wilshere points to where he wants t crossed then an acrobatic scissor kick that just flew over the bar, it looked amazing, it felt great, this could be a great year for PES.

The Countdown Begins ….

Thats right, its officially PES release week, that magical time of year where the weather starts to truly turn from summer to Autumn, chillier nights draw in, the skies are notably more dull, and days turn to darkness quicker….
home made soup and hearty meals replace BBQ’s and salads and the flip flops are banished to the back of a dusty cupboard until next year.
Amongst all this change one thing remains constant, a new Pro Evolution Soccer game is released, to much fanfare and excitement, albeit this years release is slightly earlier than the traditional October release, and much earlier than last years November release.

The past few years, for me personally, the release of PES has been met with as much trepidation and fear, as it has excitement and fervour. Wondering whether the game will be playable enough to last until the new year, or whether old issues and new ones alike will plague the game and have me seeking alternative gaming fixes during those cold autumn/winter nights.
I honestly have not had a long lasting, enjoyable PES gaming year since 2012. That was the last PES title that had enough quality and substance to keep me enthralled all year round, PES 13 was a great game but ultimately hampered by ‘magic boot gate’ and the ultra development of players meant that you had a world class side inside 5 seasons.
PES 2014 quite frankly should not have been released, it was abysmal, it contained some very good ideas but implementation was so poor the game was dead inside a month for me.
PES 2015 was the start of a shift, a turning point, a solid enjoyable game that was better than its last few predecessors but still had enough niggles to put me off after 6 months of off and on persevering with it, so no 15 season Master League campaign there.

But, PES 2016 is nearly here, 4 days and counting, sooner if your pre-orders despatch in time, and for once I am genuinely excited that this PES title has enough about it to see me rushing the soup and casserole dinners so I can crack on with building a world class team out of a bunch of no hopers and forging a close affinity with my ML compatriots.

Embargo lifts today and the reviews have been pouring in, generally very favourable with high scores across the board and several website reviewers claiming PES 16 to be the best soccer video game to date, bold statements, and ones that shouldn’t be completely relied on as most reviewers spend a few hours hammering their mates in a 1 on 1 match, very seldom do reviewers spend time playing offline, assessing the COM, the AI, how the game hols up in this environment, which is one if you are solely an online player, but I am the opposite, solely Offline, solely Master League.
But the fact that PES 16 has such glowing reviews is only a positive sign, and everyone who played the demo will know that even in that early build stage, the game was feeling good, so with undoubtedly more refinement for release, heres hoping Konami haven’t tweaked the ‘F*ck up’ dial up to 10 and ruined what could be a classic.

Master League has undergone somewhat of a face lift this year and I really like the look of the features that Konami have brought in, the way certain players can earn reputations and increase finances dependant on playing time etc, these types of ideas are what makes ML engaging and interesting and its this kind of thing Konami need to learn to build on year upon year rather than stripping features out for no reason.

Theres also the improved image editing so we can load kits into the game to address the licensing issues, a full option file sharing experience would be welcome but this is as down to Sony limiting this as it is Konami catering for it.
If only there was a fully fledged stadium editor return then that would put the icing on the cake.

So 4 days or less to go, a PES thats been getting rave reviews, is trending on Twitter, where new sensible features are being implemented, that plays superbly …. lets hope this trend continues and Konami have finally woken up to what fans want, cult classic or near miss…. time is yet to tell but with PES 2016 Konami have seemingly celebrated their anniversary year with style.

PES 2016 Demo Impressions

The PES 2016 Demo, hit the New Zealand PS Store early today, I downloaded a copy and have summarised my first impressions below,

My very first feelings were, to be completely honest, completely underwhelmed.
When you fire up a much anticipated new game, you expect, first and foremost to be greeted with something that feels fresh and new, not here…. everything is exactly as per 2015.
The Menus, UI, layout, everything, just as PES 2015. Dissapointing. Upon launching int my first game, I played as Corinthians vs Palmeiras, at the Corinthians Stadium, Konami have chosen to make every match a night match which doesn’t do it any favours, a daytime match would have shown the game in a bit more vibrancy and colour, with night matches looking a bit dull and uninviting.

Gameplay wise, nothing new immediately strikes you, it plays and feels just like 2015 with with improved fluidity and response times. Of course there are new animations thrown into the mix, but overall I was left wondering what Konami had been doing for the last year.

A short break and coming back to the game later on where I managed to get a good 10+ games under my belt and the improvements and nuances started to surface more, best described like in the old days, where maybe playing PES 5 or 6 for the first time didn’t really feel all that new, it took time to bed in and slowly but surely the evolution and improvements started to come to the fore, same thing here. Subtle changes but noticeable.


  • More fluidity to play
  • Improved responsiveness
  • more animations
  • Improved Goalkeepers
  • Improved tactical play, COM teams close done passing lanes and mark their men tighter
  • Increase difficulty, largely due to the improved tactical nous of the CPU mentioned abobe
  • The new anniversary ball
  • Manual Passing – it really is all manual
  • Familiarity, it builds heavily on PES 15’s base and improves in small but quantifiable areas
  • Improved Physicality – much better collision detection
  • Improved foul/booking ratio for both Human and COM
  • COIM teams actually cross the ball
  • Injuries, actually happen in game, yet to be seen if this carries over to ML
  • New Dynamic Wide cam – whilst better than wide cam, not as good or ‘dynamic’ as expected


  • Too Samey vs PES 2015, no freshness about the game looks and presentation wise
  • Night Matches only – look dull
  • Graphics – No Marked improvement from PES 15, who cares about faces, you don’t see him in game play cam anyway
  • Dynamic Camera mode – better than standard wide cam,e see more of the pitch
  • Not enough innovation, or improvements aesthetically from last year
  • Still there are the annoying slow-mo replays of goals
  • nets – unless they didn’t make the demo, the new billowy net physics are identical to last year

They are my initial thoughts after about 15 matches on the demo, will post more thoughts and video content  throughout the next few days.

A couple of goals and footage from the PES 2016 demo:

The Countdown Begins . . .

So the PES 2016 Demo is due to hit this week, Thursday, with fans eager to get their hands on Konami’s latest offering after an initial positive reception from games journalists and play testers at E3 and Gamescom.
Asim Tanvir’s first impressions review for WENB was very positive, emphasising that the game is in the best shape he has seen for this early on in the year, and that focus has been placed firmly on increased responsiveness, animations, fluidity and improved ball physics.

Konami also state that the famous Master League mode has been totally redesigned, this is a much welcome and needed addition as the ML mode has gone stale over the last few years and resembles a shadow of its former glory.
Whilst we don’t have any ML Mode details to date, it will be interesting to see the direction Konami take with their once flagship mode, hopefully it will carry more substance than just a menu and UI overhaul.

What is baffling is Konami’s recognition that fans wanted a Master League revamp, but seeming ignorance to put the substance behind it, namely stadiums.
PES 2013 had 47 Stadiums (including the 10 licensed stadiums available through a later DLC) all usable within a ML mode game, along with a custom stadium creator, PES 2014 was down to 18 stadiums of which only 12 were usable in ML. PES 2016 is set to follow suit with Adam Bhatti, PES European product Manager, stating that only a few more (3 or 4) would be made available this year, and still no sign of the stadium creator.

Konami need to realise that players like to digest their ML career as an all enveloping world where fantasy is reality and stories and sub plots can be imagined and played out to suit the user, starting as a team of defaults with the likes of Coynborough and Castolis in Div 2 playing in a grimy little small stadium, and working your way up is all part, in fact an integral part of what made ML such a fabled and loved mode, nowadays we have to play with a lowly ranked team of no namers, in a sold out 50,000+ capacity stadium with no option to add our own sponsors or banners, it completely takes away from that magical ML journey, and strips the mode of one of the key facets that made ML what it was.

The fox engine taking time to develop for is a much mentioned reason why there are a lack of stadiums in the game, which is rubbish, a multi million dollar software development company cannot assign resource to developing 20 generic unlicensed stadiums using a purpose built, in-house platform, that was meant to be scalable and future proof ? Really? Not buying that at all.

They say ‘Game Play is King’  ….. well lets hope PES 2016 delivers on this front and Konami’s future focus is putting substance
behind the product.

PS: The PES 2016 demo is now up for download on the New Zealand PSN Store: PES 2016 Demo

Here We Go Again ……


So, after a 6 month sabbatical, I return to jump on the hype train that is PES 2016.
Not quite, there is no such ‘hype train’ as this year I shall just take the game and evaluate it for what it is, rather than have high hopes and expectancies and ultimately end up disappointed once again.

The noise coming from those that have had hands on at E3 with PES16 is so far very encouraging, Asim over at WENB who is usually very honest and sometimes brutal with his impressions, was seemingly impressed, stating that PES16 has addressed the issues of responsiveness and refined game play enough to, even at this early stage, be fit for release. See the impressions write up here.

Obviously various game play refinements were needed from PES 15, for me the most important ones being the responsiveness/awareness of players, the refereeing logic, i.e. free kicks and fouls and the injuries (being non-existent).
Some of these issues have been addressed for PES16, not heard anything about injuries yet but I guess that would only come to the fore when playing a ML career.

Which brings us on to the most important refinement for me – Master League has been completely rebuilt for PES 16, as of now, no details are currently known but this can only be a good move from Konami, and is no doubt brought about on the back of extensive consumer feedback.
ML mode is the bread and butter of PES, its the mode which set the PES games of old apart and made PES the football game of choice, and over the years Konami have neglected this flagship mode, with each year ML becoming more of a hollow shell of its former self, so the fact Konami are doing something about it is encouraging.
I will look forward to more details as we approach Gamescom but certain things id like to see that would really go towards helping ML reinstate itself as the football career mode to play are:-

  • Improved Transfers
    Realism based, no smiley faces as soon s you offer enough money but transfer probability based on club standing in world football, success, league position, division, etc.
    Multi-tiered, negotiate fee with club, then agree advanced personal terms with player.
  • Injuries – These absolutely HAVE to be fixed, to go 20 ML seasons with not a single injury is unrealistic and agitating
  • Refereeing Logic, again to go 20 ML seasons and not be awarded one penalty despite being assaulted match after match is nonsensical and spoils the journey.
  • Hiring of staff – bring back club physios, assistant managers, coaches, scouts, youth club coach, ability to hire different levels of staff, with the better ones affecting team morale, injury recovery/rate, development of youth squad etc.
  • Direct control over finances, sponsorship deals, stadium naming rights, tv deals etc
  • Board Objectives – realistic targets set by the board which need to be met during the course of a season
  • Stadium edit mode – ability to import custom adboards and graphics into a stadium as before.
  • Individual and Team training – train players into new positions or to acquire new skills, or overall team balance training plans.
  • In-depth stats tracking, view players career stats, date joined, stats when joined vs current stats, development graph, total appearances, goals, assists, honours etc

This is not an exhaustive list but would go very far towards making ML mode the legend that it once was.

PES 2015 was a decent base, in comparison to PES 14, an played a decent game of football that tailed off quite drastically the more you played it, with the issues coming to the forefront, and a poor ML mode, PES 2016 needs to now take this base on and refine and improve into a solid product thats fun to play, lasts the distance and offers something new.

Fingers crossed.

Long Shot ……….

A Long shot i know, its been quite a while, but is anybody still lurking around ?????????????



Is the only word I can use to describe playing PES 2015.

Last night I started Season 5, with anticipation, with brand new home, away and third kits, a change of stadium, and 3 fresh new signings I kicked off against Chelsea.
My focus for this season is to keep it tight at the back at all costs and build upon that, amass a decent amount of funds to really improve players in key positions, and then become a bit more adventurous and attacking.

What ensued was a thoroughly enjoyable, tactical, frantic, end to end affair with Chelsea finally breaking my resilient defence in the 35th min t take a 1-0 lead.
I equalised shortly into the second half, then grabbing the lead 10 mins later.
As you’d expect, Chelsea battered my goal for the remainder of the game but some resolute defending dn blinkered concentration saw me hold out for the win, a new season, a 2-1 win against a much better team and 3 points on the board, things were looking up.

But, the next game, and the game after that, and the game after that, and the one after that were all extremely frustrating affairs, picking up 1 draw and 3 defeats.

Back in September, after playing the PES 15 demo, I commented her eon the blog that fouls, or lack of, were an issue and if they weren’t fixed then they could ruin ML long-term, well they haven’t been fixed and they are ruining my ML.
I’m so frustrated and annoyed at the constant string of games where I play patiently, creating nd crafting well-timed chances, and am blatantly fouled, in the box, around the box, on the wing, all positions which could lead to a good goal scoring chance, yet I’m NEVER, ever given anything, yet I only have to attempt a tackle on the Com and its a foul and immediate yellow card, I have lost/drawn so many matches as a result of this abysmally coded refereeing logic that its beyond amusing, its downright frustrating.

Also, I’m finding that players whom I sign constantly falling short of what their stats suggest.
When I sign a player I don’t go for OVR rating, I look at the position I’m recruiting for, what key traits are needed then look for players that fit the mould,for example, last night I needed  a new LMF, so the key stats I searched for were dribbling, ball control, explosive power, crossing ability, and physical strength, I needed a fast player, good with the ball that wasn’t going to get shrugged off the ball easy.
An extensive search saw me sign a player, A.Maxim, who matched all these qualities, and strength was 85, yet in every game he’s played, and any of my other players for that matter, in a physical jostle, they are always shrugged/pushed off the ball by the COM, no matter which COM player it is against any of my players, the COM always comes off best. As you have no control over the physicality side, again this is frustrating as stats are seemingly meaningless.

Players also seemingly become unable to pass the ball accurately over 5 yards in key moments of the game, every tackle, 50/50 always falls to a Com player, scripting has been in the game since the day dot but it’s becoming less and less subtle with every release.

After last nights 5 game session, there were countless times I almost threw my controller at the TV screen, i came away not having enjoyed playing some PES and having some downtime, I came away frustrated, angry and pissed off with the game.
There is still no news from Konami with regards to any type of game play patch, as usual, pure silence once the game is released.

I play on Top player, and am seriously struggling, which on one hand is good, this will be my third season in the premier league and I’m far from challenging for any honours, it SHOULD be tough, but I feel like with all the game play issues, that the odds are stacked against me in an unfair manner, and I cant see it improving anytime soon.

PES 15 is on a thin rope currently, its in danger of falling off and never being seen again.

To finish on a more positive note, here’s a couple of recent ML goals.




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